Front-end Libraries with React

Facebook’s open source framework for writing reactive, easy-to-maintain web applications has taken the JavaScript world by storm. Learn this essential technology and JSX, the associated syntax that combines the best of JavaScript and HTML for easy interface creation.


In this course, students will create their own React applications, deploy them to the web, all while using industry-standard tools and methods.

Topics will include:

  • The React development environment
  • JSX
  • Class-based and functional components
  • Managing data and state
  • React best practices

Course Takeaways

Students will leave this course equipped to write real applications using React and its associated toolchain. They will also gain a deep understanding of multiple styles and approaches to solving front-end problems. Students will also have a fully-functional React app in their GitHub profile to start them on their front-end development journey.


Familiarity with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 11 Topics
  • 8 Quizzes