Free Workshop | 60 Minutes

From Design to Working Website – Pt. 1

The process of taking a graphic design all the way through to a working website isn’t always as clear as it should be. Some developers overcomplicate the process, while others take shortcuts that can lead to huge headaches down the road.

Join Barry Dowsett for a primer on the right method for taking a design and, through the use of best practices and solid front-end concepts, creating a modern, fully-functional website.

You’ll learn how a professional approaches this task, and you’ll learn how to take structures and visual elements and turn them into working code.

You should know some HTML and CSS for this workshop to get the most out of it. A little JavaScript might be nice too; however, developers at any level are welcome!

By Barry Dowsett

By Barry Dowsett

Barry Dowsett has been coding since he was six years old. And he’s been coding professionally now for fifteen years. Most of his professional experience is in web development, and more recently Barry has been specializing in front-end development to explore the interactions between humans and software.