Free Workshop | 60 Minutes

Learn Rapid Prototyping with Bootstrap

In this quick workshop session, students will be introduced to Bootstrap, one of the most popular CSS frameworks in existence.

We will build a very basic startup business landing page to learn more about how to utilize CSS frameworks in your projects. We will go over the most common Bootstrap classes, components, and layouts. The goal is to show how quickly a developer can create a professional looking project starting from nothing.

We’ll also discuss important topics such as best practices and mobile-first responsive design.

By Kevin Kirchner

By Kevin Kirchner

Kevin is passionate about empowering people and their ideas to achieve their full potential.

Aside from his experience as a Frontend Developer and UX Designer, Kevin has the uncanny aptitude to inexhaustibly try out new options, explore possibilities, or ask probing questions—so that he can encourage and empower others, facilitate bringing out their potential, or come alongside those who need help and be there for them on their journey.